Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy -- respects its customers and our visitors' privacy. We have created the Privacy Policy to safeguard your rights as a valuable customer on our site. It is highly recommended to review the Privacy Policy to understand what uses and collects information gathered from our website. If you have questions about our Privacy Policy or our Terms and Conditions of Service, we strongly suggest you Contact Us.

Through your use of and the use of You are agreeing to our keeping, processing, and using certain data according to the guidelines and guidelines set out in our Privacy Policy. The gathering and use of Your data to a minimum. We will only collect your information only if it is required to facilitate Your use of and to keep You updated on the latest offerings provided by Us. We may use your data to analyze and for statistical purposes as stated in the following.

Your Personal Information

Personal information, also known as Personally identifiable data is any type of information that may serve to identify or identify You. The information could include Your complete name, e-mail address, as well as telephone number. You will be asked to supply your personal information when you register at

Personal Information Security

We are committed to taking the security of your private Information security extremely seriously. We employ appropriate, industry-standard steps to safeguard Your personal information. But, you agree that no matter what precautions we take, it's technically impossible for to guarantee the complete security for any personal information that you provide online. You acknowledge the inherent security risks associated with sharing your personal information via the internet and you cannot consider Us accountable for any breach of security or sharing of personal data, except it is the case that we were negligent. Login details like username and password assigned to you, must remain private and should not be divulged to anyone else, except if has granted you prior written consent. will always keep a strict control on the security and security of your data. If you've consented to it or provided us with your email address, we may occasionally send you emails with information of products and services that we provide. You may opt-out of receiving these emails at anytime.

Your Personal Information Disclosure

We do not share or sell your personal data to any third party, unless for the purposes specified in the following situations:

  • We have your permission or authority;.
  • We've already informed you of this transfer by way of an agreement or disclosure.
  • We are legally required to share or divulge your personal information.

Personal Information Security

If you visit our website our servers automatically gather certain data that cannot be considered to be personally identifiable information, like the IP address of your computer, the number of pages that you visited and the length of time you were on our website. We collect this data in aggregate form only to find out if there are any bugs or issues within our servers, but in addition, to improve our site and to give you information that you find interesting. We are legally able to share this specific information with affiliates and partners. Please be aware that we will not disclose your personal data.

Images Sent to Us to Avail Our Services offers services for removing background from the images sent via our clients. We will not make use of images to us for private (private) as well as commercial purposes without your prior permission. The images will be stored on a public website after processing. The URL for that location will not be displayed to the public or made available for publication. We advise the customers (You) to exercise caution when transmitting images that could pose a risk to You or any other third person. In no circumstance is responsible for any unauthorised transfer or the transmission of any images which are not belonging to You.

Changing or Updating the Information We Hold About You

If you'd like to modify or update the information you provided when you registered it is possible to do so through sending us an email message.