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Terms and Conditions -- Clippingpathservices.co

Read carefully the Terms of Service prior to making your purchase to Clippingpathservices.co. These Terms of Service, as well as all other policies and rules related to the Services, as set out on the Clippingpathservices.co website including the privacy policies. Policy, (Collectively, the "Agreement") will provide you with precise and clear information on what you are getting from Clippingpathservices.co services. The agreement is an official agreement that is between Clippingpathservices.co as well as you. The use you make of Isshpth.com's services is deemed to be acceptance of the terms of this agreement

1: Images

To get the best results, submit images that conform to the requirements for resolution and format of the file provided by Clippingpathservices.co. We do our best to ensure that edited images will be returned to you in the highest quality which is our assets. The image returned will be considered "accepted" by you on reception, unless we receive any feedback from you within seven days regarding any mistakes that was made in our edited photos. Isshpat has a strong commitment to customer service and cooperate together with them to fix any editing errors. Customers are asked to look over edited images, and then decide to accept or decline the image according to this Section 1. ("Images"). This process continues until you are completely satisfied, and the edited images are deemed acceptable. Clippingpathservices.co will remove all images from its database after 30 days from their acceptance. Clippingpathservices.co is not responsible for the image quality or quality of the images provided by customers when the original images submitted by you don't meet Clippingpathservices.co's current guidelines.

Delivery of Edited Images

Clippingpathservices.co provides edited images back to you through an open URL. While Clippingpathservices.co uses reliable methods to allow our customers to edit their images accessible only to them but they are subject to security limitations and limitations with the public URL that Clippingpathservices.co is unable to and cannot change. Furthermore, Clippingpathservices.co will not be responsible for any limitations. Customers can access the modified photos by downloading the images through Clippingpathservices.co's website. In some instances, Clippingpathservices.co may allow customers to download images through its FTP server or API or by any other means. The prices for services may differ depending on the delivery date. There are various delivery tiers that are based on the prices.


The price of editing services purchased will be outlined in Clippingpathservices.co price list in effect at the time that the client placed the order. Clippingpathservices.co retains the option to alter prices without notice. All payments must have to be to be made in United States Dollars. The transaction will process after receipt of your payment. Clippingpathservices.co will confirm and begin your order as soon as the payment is confirmed. Customers are responsible for paying any taxes, tariffs or charges relating to their order, excluding taxes that apply to Clippingpathservices.co's earnings.

Rights to Use Image

Customers are responsible for their own using the images they upload. Clippingpathservices.co will examine submissions for content that is inappropriate as well as reserves the rights at their sole discretion, to either accept or decline any image for any reason or none at all. When you submit an image to Clippingpathservices.co You warrant and represent that you are legally able to sign the Agreement with Clippingpathservices.co You also warrant that you have the authority to make use of any credit or debit card or alternative payment method for any transaction. You also warrant that the photos you submit to Isspath.com are not contaminated with harmful materials, like viruses or software that could harm Clippingpathservices.co's property.